2016 Election Recount – What Is The Outcome So Far?

imageAn otherwise unknown in most of the political world, Jill Stein has recently made a name for herself with her adolescent feet stomping.  The feet stomping that I am referring to, is the demand for an election recount in three states.  Those three states are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The Michigan recount has been put on ice by US District Judge Mark Goldsmith, citing a restraining order against the Michigan Board of Elections that allows them to perform the recount.  Stein calls the Judge’s decision “disheartening.”

As for Pennsylvania’s recount, a federal judge is expected to render a decision on Monday, Dec 12th.

So that just leaves Wisconsin.

Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton by 22,000 votes in the state of Wisconsin, this is far more than what a recount is usually used for.  Although Stein has admitted that she has absolutely no evidence that any voter fraud was committed, this has not stopped her from raising over $6 million for the recount efforts.  The Wisconsin recount is estimated to cost at least $3.5 million.

So what has $3.5 million in recount costs gained Hillary Clinton?  A whopping 49 votes!  That’s right, by day 9 of the recount in Wisconsin, Trump/Pence gained 560 votes and Clinton/Kaine gained 609.  This does not include the City of Milwaukee, which skews historically Democratic.  However, 49 votes is far from the over 22,000 needed to beat Trump in Wisconsin.

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