“A Day Without Immigrants” Protest Turns Out To Be A Complete Failure

A protest scheduled for February 16th. called “A Day Without Immigrants,” has pretty much been a complete bust.  As a knee-jerk reaction to President Trump enforcing laws, as a president should, the left organized yet another demonstration that not only points out their lack of understanding of the difference between “illegal immigration” and “immigration,” but also what happens when you coddle a group of children and then take their ice cream away.

The vast majority of the country has no problems with immigration.  However, the left and all of their power to alter reality, seem conveniently leave out the word “illegal,” when talking about illegal immigrants.  After all, illegal immigrants are really what we are talking about here.  But to make it sound bigger and as if Republicans are against all immigrants, they leave out the word “illegal.”

Of course, these people didn’t seem to have an issue with former president Barack Obama when, under his administration, deported over 2.5 million illegals back to their countries of origin.  Notice I said “countries of origin” and not Mexico.  That’s because illegal immigration doesn’t have a specific color or nationality.  That is unless you’re not an American citizen, of course.  Again, however, the left seem to use deportation as a tool of racial divide.

Back to the protest…..

Here is one of the flyers that were passed out in support of this protest.  It also highlights the complete failure on the part of the protesters.

Notice how the flyer claims that without them, the country would be “paralyzed.”  Well, the 16th has come and gone and no one noticed your absence.  The power was still on, deliveries came on time, traffic didn’t stop, grocery stores and restaurants served food and farmers farmed.  Not only has your apparent absence not been noticed, much less paralyzed the country, it’s become a punch line.  Check out these Facebook comments.

And this woman, a legal immigrant herself, stands by the immigration laws.

So as I pointed out, not only has this protest become a joke, it has highlighted that it’s not deportation that these people really have a problem with, it’s who is doing it and the fact that the can’t get over losing an election.

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