Donald Trump Has A 96% Approval Rating

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Donald Trump’s true approval rating is 96%.  But how can that be, all the mainstream media outlets are saying that he has the lowest approval rating of any president, ever!  Keep in mind that the same polls that claim the president has a low approval rating are also the same one’s that said a Hillary victory was a guarantee.  But how can the numbers be so far apart from each other?  Because you don’t count!  Yes, I’m talking to you Hillary, Bernie, Johnson, and Stein voters.

It’s common sense, especially with the way that the left has been acting since their glorious 2016 defeat, that when polled, they are going to give Trump negative numbers.  The same can easily be said about the rabid Bernie, Stein, and Johnson voters as well.  So whose approval does count?  Well, the Trump voters of course.

According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 96% of all Trump voters would vote for him again if the election was held today.  One can only reasonably assume that 96% of his voters approve of the job he’s been doing.  Adversely, according to a Monmouth University poll, only 27% of U.S. adults would vote to reelect Obama in 2016, while 65% would cast their ballots for someone else.  Added to that, only 85% of all Hillary voters say they would vote for her again.

It makes sense that there would be a few percent that doesn’t understand what a president can and can’t do, like wave a magic wand and repeal Obamacare, and those that might have been fence sitters that are going to waver.  This would be expected from any presidential approval rating from his voters.

Not only is it unfair to poll non-Trump voters for his approval numbers, it just doesn’t make sense if you want valid numbers.  It makes sense that someone who didn’t support his policies is not going to approve of him fulfilling those promises and policies.  The same could be said for Hillary.  Had she won, it would be unfair and make no sense to ask constitutionalists and conservatives if they approve of what she was doing.  If they supported what she was going to do, they would have voted for her, so they are obviously going to give her negative marks.

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