Donald Trump’s Inauguration : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As Americans have seen since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th president of The United States, the mainstream media and the liberal left have not been able to keep their composure.  From death threats to hypocritically not being able to accept the outcome of the election, the left has turned this entire country into a circus, and sometimes a violent one.  The day of Donald Trump’s inauguration had it all.

At the inauguration itself, things went very well.  Contrary to what the mainstream would have you believe, the crowd that gathered went further than they eye could see.  The newly elected president and gave a very profession and presidential speech.  However, his speech differed from that of most of Barack Obama’s speeches.  Donald trump spoke highly of the U.S., the people that make up this country and putting America first.  This is not something that Americans have been used to hearing in the last eight years.  A new Politico poll shows that Americans welcomed the “America first” attitude of the president.  Of 1,922 registered voters a whopping 65 percent said they liked Trump’s message.

However, outside of the inauguration was a different story, where the liberal left showed their true face of violence and intolerance.

Feminists, protesting about rights that they already have, trashed the streets of D.C.  Rioters looted, set cars on fire and violently attacked innocent people on the street.  The singer, Madonna, even called for blowing up the White House and a revolution.

Here you see a Trump supporter putting out one of the many fires set and calling for peace.  He is met with the typical liberal violent response.

Here is the trash left behind by the feminists.

Here are more pictures of the tolerant left that call Trump “dangerous” and “unamerican.”

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