Feminists Want the Same Rights As………Guns???

Yep, you read the title correctly.  During the presidential inauguration, feminists protested about not having the rights that they already have.  However, some of these lunatics were actually holding up signs that they wanted the same rights as guns.

Let’s pretend that guns have rights and it’s not the person that has the rights to own a firearm.  What exactly would it mean to have the “same rights as guns?”

I can only assume that she is fighting for the right to not be allowed in airport terminals.  No?  Okay, so they’re fighting for the right to be banned from any business at the whim of the business owner, right?  Wrong again?  Okay, it has to be the right to be locked in a steel box when they’re not in use…you know, doing dishes and cooking.  I’m wrong again?  But how can that be?

Look, people, guns are the most regulated thing in our society.  If these women want the “same rights as guns,” I say we let them have it.  We should start making women obtain a permit before they are legally allowed to speak, be able to ban them just because they look scary and in certain states, only allow them to eat a regulated amount of food, otherwise, they might become a “high capacity” woman.  Gee, I can’t wait for the hearing protection act to pass, that way we can muzzle women to shut them up.

Obviously, I don’t actually want those things for women, but it definitely shows the insanity of some of these She-Ra man haters.  Because let’s face it, the modern feminist movement is not about tolerance or equal rights.  It’s about hate.  Hating men, hating anything they want to hate because of some pretend oppression that they believe they are suffering from.

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