Forget Minimum Wage – Jesse Ventura Talks “Maximum Wage”

Former Minnesota Governor, pro-wrestling star and the host of his own television show (Conspiracy Theory), Jesse Ventura has a lot of different views and opinions on certain political subjects.  As a self-identified “Libertarian,” most of Jesse’s ideas sound more liberal than Libertarian, and this is one of them.

In this episode of “how to sound like a loony liberal,” Jesse Ventura doesn’t take on minimum wage, he takes on the subject of maximum wage.  Originally posted by the YouTube channel “Big Think,” and re-posted by a number of liberal and progressive Facebook pages and websites, the video titled “Jesse Ventura: How About a MAXIMUM Wage?” has more than 1.6 million views.

Mr. Ventura starts this video off by saying “wealth distribution is completely out of line today.”  This is pretty much the war cry of the liberal left.  He goes on to say that maybe there should be a maximum wage and questioning if making $100 million per year is enough.  My question is, how does one put a number on “enough,” and who is to say that someone in a certain higher-up position should permanently get their salary capped?  Isn’t the whole point in working a career, to continuously better one’s self?  Or does that just stop at a certain amount of money?

Let’s humor Mr. Ventura and say that a hired CEO-type position should be capped at a certain amount.  But certainly, he couldn’t be talking about the owner of a company having their salary capped, right?

Without fail, Ventura brings up the Waltons.  The Walton family are the owners of Wal-Mart, the private company that employs the highest number of people in the U.S., around 2.2 million people.  As every good liberal knows, the Walton’s are evil people.  Why?  Because they are rich.  However, Mr. Ventura spews the highly inaccurate leftist talking point that Wal-Mart employees have to be government subsidized.  With only around 1% of the employees making minimum wage at the retail giant, the average Wal-Mart employee makes almost $12.00 per hour.  They also get an employee discount, a dollar for dollar matched 401K, at least one bonus per year and plenty of room for job advancement.  Not bad numbers for relatively unskilled labor.  That’s not to say that none of the employees get government subsidies, but it’s far from the majority of them.

Ventura then goes on to say that if you work a 40hr work week, you should not have to get government subsidies, no matter what the job is.  This is, of course, a ridiculous sentiment, because not every job warrants the amount of money that he is talking about.

Maybe government subsidies itself is the problem?  If we take away the subsidies, maybe people will start living within their means, instead of believing that the job of “shining shoes,” as the former governor put it, should be able to buy them a house, car and a support a family?

As a millionaire himself (net worth of $6 million), I don’t see Jesse giving up his millions to help these people.  I wonder if these low paid and government subsidized people are asking Mr. Ventura, wasn’t $5 million enough?

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