How Did Hillary Clinton Lose The Presidential Election 4 Times In 8 Years

Exactly how many times can someone lose their run for president before they just go into hiding?  Well, if there is anyone that could answer that question, it would be Hillary Clinton.

To start with, I understand that Hillary didn’t actually lose the presidential election four times.  However, she has lost in such spectacular fashion so many times in such a short period of time, it would make anyone’s head spin.

2016 is not the first time that Hillary Clinton was projected to win or at least stand a chance.  In 2008, while running against the then unknown Barack Obama, Clinton was projected to receive 49% of the pledged Democrat delegates against Obama’s 51%, with nearly half of the estimated superdelegate vote.  In reality, these are really close numbers when you take into consideration that Obama was relatively unknown and Clinton had been making waves in Washington for years, not to mention being the former first lady.

One of the factors that Obama had going for him is that he was looking to be the first black president.  While skin tone shouldn’t decide an election, ultimately it did.  Hillary was also the weaker candidate, as we saw in the 2016 election as well.  She ultimately lost to Barack Obama as the Democrat presidential nominee by 52% (Obama) to 48% (Clinton).

Now we skip ahead to 2016, where it could be argued that Clinton lost a staggering three times in one election.

Running on little more than being the first female president against a socialist (Bernie Sanders) and a guy who the media and liberals painted as a misogynist (Donald Trump), Hillary pretty much had the Democrat nomination in the bag for 2016.  So at least she won once.

Even though she received 1.5 million fewer votes in the 2016 primaries that she did in 2008 primaries, she was still propped up by the mainstream media as the clear winner of the 2016 presidential election.  To this author, it was much more clear that Trump was going to win the 2016 election.  Trump broke the record for Republican primary votes by almost 2 million votes and his number of followers and subscribers on social media blew Clinton out of the water.  Added to which, nearly every independent presidential poll had Trump winning as well.

Back to Hillary losing…

Clinton’s 2016 campaign mostly revolved around slanderous and personal attacks against her opponent, with very little said about actual policies.  Outside of her criminal past catching up to her, making the election about throwing poop, instead of changing the failed policies of the previous 8 years, is in my opinion, ultimately what cost her the election.  America was left with no choice but to believe that a Clinton administration would be the same as the failed Obama administration.

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, America decided.  Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump by a whopping 77 electoral votes.  For those of you at home that are keeping count, this is loss number 2.

In a civilized society, this loss would have been the end of it, but as the left has shown us, this country has turned into a less than civilized society.  After berating Donald Trump and his supporters for the possibility that they would not accept the election results if Trump lost, the left, in true hypocritical fashion, lost their minds when their candidate lost and haven’t let it rest since.

Riots, death threats, protests and even manufacturing lies about Trump have been an ongoing and tiresome thing since the 2016 election.  This is behavior that we have come to expect out of the “everyone gets a trophy” left wingers.  Spearheading a more public foot stomping, Jill Stein demanded an election recount of three states.  Although Stein admitted that there wasn’t any proof of fraud or shenanigans during the election, she went ahead with the very costly recount.  At the cost of $3.5 million, the Wisconsin recount actually put Trump further ahead than originally thought.  The Michigan recount is proving problematic for Clinton as well.  The Detroit area of Michigan, a historically democrat leaning area and the largest voting population of Michigan, has hit a snag during the recount.  It turns out that nearly half of the Detroit area is ineligible for the recount.  With Trump winning Michigan by over 10,000 votes, it is highly unlikely that the Michigan recount would help Hillary any more than the Wisconsin recount did.  This only leaves the Pennsylvania recount or lack of.  In mid-December, a federal judge rejected the request for a recount in Pennsylvania.

With Hillary Clinton losing the recount effort, this marks her third presidential loss.

The original election wasn’t good enough for the left and apparently neither was a recount.  The left was now going after the electors and attempting to convince them to change their vote, even wanting some of them to do it illegally.  This too was a wasted effort, since most electors are legally bound to vote for who the voters in their state chose.  Ultimately, the nation’s electors stayed their course and Donald Trump ended up beating Hillary Clinton (again), by 304 to 227 electoral votes.  This, of course, marking the fourth time that Hillary Clinton lost.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you lose the presidential election four times in eight years.

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