Left vs. Right: We Will Never Get Along

It’s no secret that the political left and political right have drastically differing ideologies.  This has rarely been more apparent than during the eight years of the Obama administration and the 2016 presidential election.

The basic and most elementary way of explaining the difference is this.

The term “left” is social systems and ideologies of force (e.g., socialism, communism, “progressivism”), and the term “right” is social systems and ideologies of freedom (e.g., capitalism, classical liberalism, constitutional republicanism).

While the left claims to have a monopoly on tolerance, their actions say something completely different.  Time after time and protest after protest, the left shows us that if you believe differently than they do, they will verbally and physically attack you.  You’ve become a racist, sexist, facist, Nazi or some sort of “blank-aphobe.”

This is starkly different from the right.  The right largely believes that anyone can believe what they want, as long as the government and others stay out of their business and their pockets.  It’s a rare occasion that you see a right-wing protester physically attacking someone for thinking differently than they do.

In Congress, having the differing beliefs is a good thing, although former president Obama had a hard time coming to terms with that.  Obama spent much of his two terms complaining that the right wouldn’t conform or play nice.  Well, they weren’t supposed to.  Obama’s complaining puts a spotlight on the leftist beliefs that it doesn’t matter what you want, it’s what I want that’s important.

In reality, the congressional right was willing to compromise, and did quite often, but the congressional left believed that the only compromise was to have it their way only.

Hypocricy and being blind to your own party’s faults is not specific to the left or right, although the left has a tendency to be a little worse.

The political right, both citizen and politician, have a tendancy to blame the left for all the threats against the 2nd Amendment.  While in recent years, that is largely the case, more permanent gun control measures have happened during Republican presidents than Democrat ones.  Even the NRA have supported a certain amount of gun control.  As stated earlier however, it has been the political left that have been fighting to do away with private gun ownership.  Also, the right has a habit of blaming solely the left for any and all rights infringing bills and laws.  However, it was former president Bush Jr. that signed some of the most invasive and rights infringing laws that this country has ever seen.

The political left’s hypocrisy and blind eye has come to the forefront in just the last week with the newely elected President Trump’s delay on immigration from some countries in the Middle East.  The left is rioting and protesting to show their disapproval of Trump’s legal executive order.  However, when their president Obama banned Iraqi immingration for six months in 2011, the left was silent.  It was also the left that even made it possible for president Trump to even author that executive order.  It was the left who wrote and passed 8 USC 1182, which gives the president the power to shut off immigration from any country that he deems could be a credible threat to the interest of the U.S.  These are just two of dozens of examples of the leftist hypocrisy of just the last few years.

With all that being said, having different political ideologies is a good thing.  Can you imagine if Congress was only left or only right, along with the president?  It would nearly be a dictatorship at that point.  Unfortunately, that is the utopian scenario for the left.

The left is currently chanting things like “you will never divide us” and “not my president.”  They can’t see that in fact, they are the divisive ones, and the right is just sitting there saying “Don’t tread on me” and “follow the law and leave my rights alone.”

Ultimately, what it comes down to is this.  The left will not be happy until they force everyone to conform to their ideals and the right will not budge and stand their ground.

The left and right will never get along, so stop trying to force it, because that’s when civil wars happen.

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