Ohio Senate Passes Bill To Allow CCW Holders To Carry In Government Buildings And Colleges

After a 23-9 vote on Wednesday, the Ohio senate passed the newly expanded House Bill 48.  The bill broadens the scope of places where CCW permit holders may carry guns, including public areas of airport terminals and day care centers that don’t otherwise post a firearms prohibition.  This includes government buildings and colleges, as long as the school’s board of trustees allows it.


The bill received extra attention in the wake of the car-knife attack on Ohio State University’s main campus on Nov. 28.  Supporters say they want to be able to defend themselves while on campus and not have to wait for police response.  OSU Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed the Muslim attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, within minutes of Artan driving his brother’s silver Honda into students and staff on a sidewalk and then cutting and stabbing them with a butcher knife.

Unsurprisingly, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association oppose the bill.  However, the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association supports it.


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