Sally Kohn Says If We Impeach Trump/Pence Then Hillary Becomes President

Liberal lunatic, Sally Kohn, a lawyer, liberal political commentator, and now known for a negative I.Q., believes that if Trump/Pence gets impeached, then somehow Hillary Clinton will become president.  Yes, I just spit my drink all over the computer screen as well.

Here is Sally’s Twitter post.

Let’s dissect this lunacy and see where it gets us, shall we?

#1 – Of the variety of crimes that a president and/or vice-president can be impeached for, neither Trump nor Pence have committed any of them.  I know liberals will have a hard time hearing that and they will bring up a number of things that are neither illegal nor impeachable.

#2 – Constitutional crisis?  Please find me a section of the Constitution that talks about a “Constitutional crisis.”  It doesn’t exist.  Read it for yourself HERE.  However, and thankfully the crisis can be averted because the Constitution does clearly lay out the plans for the occasion that the president and VP are impeached.  The Speaker of the House will take over as president.

#3 – The Constitution does not outline the possibility of a special election, however, see #2.

#4 – Ryan v. Clinton?  Again, see #2 and #3.

#5 – President Clinton?  Um…..No

The fact that Sally “the lunatic” Kohn is even able to keep her license to practice law is baffling.  The liberals reaction to this election has been mind blowing.  It truly shows what happens when you coddle a bunch of kids and then don’t let them have the candy bar.

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