Why Build A Border Wall, They’ll Just Get In Anyway….Right?

If you spend any amount of time researching the U.S./Mexico border issues, you’ve certainly run into people advocating for a border wall and those who don’t.

Having an educated opinion on a wall is usually a good read and gives someone something to research, but then there’s this guy- “why put a wall up, They’ll just get in another way.”  This is the singularly dumbest and most hypocritical argument against the wall on the internet.

Next time you hear that phrase, ask the person, do you have a fence on your property?  Or ask them if they lock their house or car doors.  Ask them if they wear a seat belt or have a fire extinguisher in their home.  Why ask them these things?  Because their argument is an argument against preventative measures.

Right now, border security consists of a delaptated fence and an occassional border security officer that might drive by in his truck.  It is not the never ending steel fence that people are used to seeing from the mainstream. Most people have better security on their homes than we currently have on our borders.

The wall will certainly stop many from illegally crossing into the U.S., but it probably won’t stop all the problems.  Drug smuggling, sex trafficking, trafficking stolen goods, and the rest of the crimes that are easily done because of our open border, will however, certainly be harder to accomplish.  Isn’t that the point in your four foot chain link fence around your yard?  Or the deadbolt on your door?  It’s a deterrent.  No one locks their door at night and reasonably believes that they’re absolutely safe.  That’s why you add the ADT security sign to your yard and the beware of dog sign.  Because deterrents work!  But you also know that the beware of dog sign and that Lowes value pack lockset on your front door won’t stop everyone, and that’s why you keep a gun in the house.

You can be assured that the “why build the wall, they’ll just get in another way” guy, doesn’t leave his front door open at all times of the day and night, doesn’t leave his gate unlocked and doesn’t put a sign in his yard saying “I’ve given up on home security, bad guys welcome.”  So why should the country do that?

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  1. A wall, a fence, a moat with crocodiles, don’t care what it is we need to secure our borders, it just has to be done.

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