ILS, CORRIDOR and Quantum Control Power New Era of Aviation Part Sales With Integrated E-Commerce Solution

With SalesEdge™ Commerce, Aviation Parts suppliers can market and sell 24/7 using a branded e-commerce storefront platform integrated with their website, ILS Marketplace presence, and CORRIDOR or Quantum Control ERP.

Co-developed by ILS (Inventory Locator Service) and leading aerospace ERP software providers CORRIDOR and Quantum Control, SalesEdge™ Commerce provides the only native ERP and marketplace integrated e-commerce platform for the Aviation Aftermarket.

By enabling Aviation Parts suppliers with custom-branded storefronts and materials co-listed in the ILS Marketplace and integrated with their ERP, parts suppliers can: 

  • Provide best-in-class online parts purchasing experiences to their customers.
  • Improve their operational sales productivity, drive growth, and reach more markets.
  • Protect their investments in workflows, company brand, and IP (intellectual property) and extend the value of the ERP and Marketplace presence they already have.

Introducing SalesEdge™ Commerce

Key capabilities and benefits of SalesEdge™ Commerce include:

  • Best-in-class purchase experiences - Buyers benefit from a streamlined, automated buying process enabling faster, 24/7 ordering capability with less effort and more visibility​ into orders and options, including single-page checkout, repeat ordering, and custom pricing for corporate accounts. 
  • Drive Growth and increase Sales and Marketing Productivity - Suppliers gain by increasing their market reach, improving sales productivity with workflow automation leveraging the existing modules in their ERP, and executing integrated campaigns across their branded storefront and ILS marketplace presence.  
  • Designed for the aviation aftermarket – SalesEdge™ Commerce is purpose-built to handle all types of aviation part sales, from consumables to expendables and rotables, complete with part pedigree information.  
  • Investment protection – By providing a native integration with their ILS Marketplace presence, Quantum Control, or CORRIDOR ERP, sellers extend the value of their existing workflows and platforms used to run their business today. 
  • Payment functionality – Buyer experience during the checkout process will replicate how they purchase with their supplier today and offer credit card options for new customers. The native ERP integration enables buyers to use their accounts and purchase within available credit limits, net terms, or execute a transaction directly with a credit card.
  • Implementation and Centralized support – Configuration and deployment services are included as well as proactive monitoring, and customer support is provided by a centralized Storefront, Marketplace & ERP support team.

Executive perspectives 

Said Sean Lanagan, CEO at CAMP Systems, “Customers in our eco-system are keen to advance their commercial reach and improve productivity while offering superior customer buying experiences to their customers at any time, from any device, and from any location – including shop floors. Our vision was validated by our customers who all wanted to add e-commerce to their digital strategy yet wanted to ensure they could do so while protecting all the investments in processes, knowledge, people, and systems made over time.”

Western Aircraft

According to John Kochel, Director of Parts and Logistics at Western Aircraft, “We knew we wanted a storefront that was developed, integrated and supported by the Aviation software partners our business depends on – CORRIDOR and ILS. Contributing to the design of SalesEdge™ Commerce realizes that vision. We are excited to unveil to our customers this new integrated online purchasing journey that was designed with them in mind.”

VSE Aviation

VSE Aviation is committed to continued improvement and enhancing the customers' experience. We are excited to partner and expand our relationship with Quantum and ILS to deliver full e-commerce capabilities and solutions to our customers in 2024.  This new offering will improve the satisfaction and engagement of our global customers and provide them with improved access to the full range of products and services offered by VSE Aviation”, stated Karen Goode, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for VSE Aviation.

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma

AAOs Cole Popplewell said that “Our family-owned repair station and parts business is focused on providing excellent parts service and purchase experiences to our aviation customers. While we want to extend that capability online and use our existing CORRIDOR ERP and ILS Marketplace presence, we can’t be bogged down by having to integrate various systems with uncertified APIs from unproven vendors. SalesEdge™ Commerce is the right system for our needs, and we can’t wait to realize its full potential to our business.” 


Said Veronica Martinez, Director, Programs & Planning at AvioTrade, “Our mission is to increase sales and the distribution of our direct manufacturer lines, including rotable parts, chemicals, consumables, ground support equipment and on-board service materials with current and new customers around the globe 24/7. SalesEdge™ Commerce is an indispensable element in that strategy and we are keen to extend the value of our Quantum ERP, ILS marketplace presence as well our website to attain our goals."

How to Get Started   

Existing Quantum Control, CORRIDOR, and ILS customers are invited for a personalized SalesEdge™ Commerce demo and solution scoping meeting.  SalesEdge™ Commerce implementations will be facilitated with joint e-commerce and ERP professional services teams that include ILS, CORRIDOR, or Quantum Control experts.  

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