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How does an air fryer work?

Crispy french fries, a juicy schnitzel, or delicious doughnuts in the carnival season, everyone likes that. Baked foods are as popular with the population as ever. But prepare all these dishes in the pan? In the following article, we get to know about How does an air fryer work? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be advantageous for you guys.

Firstly, this is dangerous, and, secondly, you will quickly notice how cumbersome and inconvenient this project is. So it has to be a deep fryer. But how does this device work?

What is an air fryer?

A deep fryer, or electric frying fat heater, is a device that can be used to bake food and food in hot fat or oil. Deep fryers can be found in restaurants and private households, where they run in so-called batch mode. That means it is filled, it is baked, and I,t is emptied. In industry, deep fryers work continuously, and the raw product is constantly fed in and out.

How is an air fryer constructed?

A deep fryer contains a heating rod on the base plate and a temperature controller with a safety temperature limiter. This should prevent the device from overheating in the event of a fault. Deep fryers are criticized for the increased acrylamide formation when heated above 170 ° C. Therefore. There is often a cold zone in deep fryers. The fat on the bottom stays more unconscious, and the formation of acrylamide is reduced. A deep fryer also contains a metal basket in which you place the food to be fried and then hang it in the hot oil for a few minutes.

How does it work with the air fryer?

Deep fryers can be found in many households, but not yet in everyone. Therefore, it is surprising if newcomers to fryers have a few problems with the operation at the beginning. But if you take a closer look at it, it is not that complicated at all.

It is best to use a small flatbed fryer. Although this is suitable for less frying fat, it is easier to use. Use vegetable fats when deep-frying, such as peanut oil or olive oil. Add the correct amount of fat (see instructions for use) to the deep fryer and set the temperature control to a maximum of 180 ° C. Now it takes a short while for the fat to reach the desired temperature.

Often you can tell by a lit lamp. Now put the fried food in the basket and hang it in the hot fat. Small items to be fried, e.g. French fries, are ready much faster than a thick piece of schnitzel. Then lift the basket out of the fat bath, let the food drain briefly, and enjoy your lunch. Don’t forget to turn off the fryer after use. Change the oil regularly and clean the deep fryer.

Also, always pay attention to the following points when deep-frying

  • use a good fryer
  • use the correct fat
  • Frying temperature no more than 180 ° C
  • regularly change the entire fat bath, clean the fryer;
  • never use spoiled frying fat

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