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How to make purple color?

Mix purple – mix red and blue, done?

So what colors make purple? Red and blue together make purple when mixed. However, different shades of blue and red produce various shades of purple. In this article, we read about How to make purple color?

Ultramarine makes a dark purple, while cobalt blue makes a lighter shade. You should try other popular blue shades of blue are pthalo blue, Prussian blue, or cerulean blue.

If you mix purple with alizarin carmine, the color temperature will be a little cooler than if you mix purple with cadmium red. You can, of course, incorporate purple with other shades of red, although the options mentioned are trendy.

Mix and steam the purple color

You won’t always want a bright, saturated purple. Muted colors are an essential aspect of any painting as they bring out bright colors. So if you know what colors make a muted purple, you can create different shades and combinations of muted colors.

Muted colors are created by mixing one color with its complementary color. Take a look at the color wheel below. The colors that are opposite each other are complementary. For example, yellow is the complementary color of purple, and red is the complementary color of green.

Since yellow is the complementary color of purple, you need to mix purple with yellow to get a muted purple.

Below you can see different combinations of the purple color family and yellow that you can mix and match to get different shades that are a little toned down.

For example, if you mix ocher yellow with an intense shade of lavender, you get an earthy purple than if you mix it with cadmium yellow.

You’re not limited to the colors mentioned on the color wheel to create a muted purple. You can use different shades of purple that you mix yourself and then mix them with any yellow you want. Popular options for yellows are cadmium yellow and arylide yellow.

How to mix dark shades

Purple can be a great dark color because it’s a darker color. However, there are great ways you can make the color a little darker! The scheme below shows how to get the color a little darker.

Burnt umber mixed with lavender or a dark purple results in a beautiful muted dark purple. It also makes the color a bit warmer. Phthalocyanine green mixed with alizarin carmine red and violet also gives a dark tint.

Lighten the color purple

As mentioned earlier, the color family is relatively dark. There will always be moments when you want to lighten the color. The color that you can always use to lighten purple is white.

A light yellow can also be used for lighting. This works because yellow is the complementary color of purple. Be careful to mix and match the color with other light shades, as the mixes can quickly look muddy.

Which colors make purple cooler

Paying attention to the color temperature is essential when painting if you want to create a harmonious composition. Blue as a component of purple is one of the best colors you can mix up for a cooler color.

How to mix a warm purple

A warm purple or lavender is just as important as a cool purple. In the color scheme below, you’ll find two shades of red mixed with purple to make it warmer. The exact result depends on the temperature of the red. Red tones with bluish influences make the purple less warm than pure red tones or those with yellowish influences. 

What you can learn from great artists of the past

In the paintings below, you can see how different shades of color are used to create targeted effects. Muted purple can act as a shadow, while light purple is used to accentuate.

Paul Cezanne

Paul Cézanne was a 19th-century French painter whose work influenced many 20th century artists. This particular still life of his fruit contains many different shades of purple. 

The artist used a dark, muted purple for the entire surface of the table and in parts of the background to suggest the shadows. It is clearly visible how he used ultramarine to paint the purple areas of the painting by adding different other colors.

Johannes Vermeer

This painting by Jan Vermeer is a successful example of how various methods can be used to give the appearance of purple.

Vermeer also regularly used an ultramarine base, which he mixed with white and then glazed with a faint, translucent red to get a strong purple hue. The reason for this was that at that time there were no purple pigments for painting. In order to obtain a strong color, several layers of color were required, which were specifically combined.

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