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How to make stickers?

Make stickers yourself

Stickers are often straightforward to make yourself. This gives you unique opportunities to decorate different objects. You can also provide some stickers as gifts. In this practical tip, you will find a few ideas on how you can make stickers yourself.

Make stickers yourself: How to save stickers for later

If you don’t want to stick your sticker on right away, you can use baking paper. You can also give stickers as gifts.

  • Design your sticker according to your wishes. For example, you can paint something. Use printer paper or cardboard for this to make a sticker.
  • Then cut out a piece of parchment paper. Place this with the smooth surface facing up.
  • Then stick clear packing tape over the parchment paper. Then put your sticker and another layer of packing tape.
  • Cut out your sticker. Make sure to leave a margin, however.
  • If necessary, all you have to do is remove the baking paper, and your sticker is ready to use.

Make stickers on adhesive labels yourself.

You can also paint or print stickers on sticky labels to make a sticker.

  • If you want to print your stickers, make sure that the adhesive label is not pre-cut to make a sticker.
  • Select motifs for your stickers and place them in a Microsoft Word file, for example. Be careful not to waste space.
  • If you are satisfied with your result, you must insert the adhesive label into the printer and print your stickers.
  • Then cut out the individual stickers.
  • You can get a longer shelf life with a layer of clear varnish from the spray can or transparent adhesive film.

Equip sticker with double-sided adhesive tape

You can also attach your stickers with double-sided adhesive tape. Rolled adhesive tape made of packaging tape can also help to make a sticker.

  • Design your sticker according to your wishes to make a sticker.
  • Make it durable with a layer of clear varnish or an adhesive film to make a sticker.
  • Then stick a piece of double-sided tape on the back. So you can also use your sticker as needed to make a sticker.
  • If you don’t have double-sided tape on hand, you can also tape a piece of tape together at the ends. Make sure, however, that the sticky side is on the outside to make a sticker.

Photos as sticker

You can also turn photos into a sticker.

  • Often there is the option of having photos printed in a smaller format on the machine.
  • Of course, you can also print out photos yourself.
  • To protect them, you should laminate them or use adhesive film and clear varnish again.
  • You can then stick them in place with double-sided adhesive tape or an adhesive strip.

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