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How to start keto diet?

Would you like to start the ketogenic diet but don’t know how? Here are some tips that helped me initially and that I would like to pass on to you. In the following article, we get to know about How to start keto diet? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

The ketogenic diet is not a weight loss diet.

The ketogenic diet is a way of life combined with a long-term change in diet. You will only benefit from the advantages of a ketogenic diet after several months to start keto diet. Please be aware of this.

Do NOT set a kilo goal! Name realistic goals!

Of course, it would be great to set a goal now like “in 6 months I would like to weigh 60kg less” – or something like that. Maybe because others supposedly managed to do it during the period.

I would also love it if it happened so quickly. Honest. But it is unrealistic and demotivating when you have such a goal, and then it doesn’t work out. And that, even though you ate correctly and everything. So you can leave it and save your nerves for the essential things in life.

It is possible that after the initial weight loss, you have a more prolonged standstill. Switching to a ketogenic diet is like a competitive sport for your body. It has different things to do.

Better take a tape measure and miss you from top to bottom. Neck circumference, underbust, waist, hips, thighs, and lower legs. Please write it down so that you can control it later and celebrate successes.

Maybe you have other goals as well. Why don’t you write down what is bothering you about yourself today, what niggles you have. Migraines, pimples on your face, cracked fingernails, rough skin, water in your legs … whatever troubles you. 

Start on a day that you have time.

In stress and hectic, we quickly drop the very best resolutions. “No time!” – “I forgot!” – “Tomorrow is also another day!”

Take your time too.

Do what you are up to and what you are doing. Maybe you think again about how it is for you and your body when you eat carbohydrates. What does it taste like, and what does it do to your body? Do you feel fresh and fit afterward or rather sluggish and tired?

Take the time to think through your future ketogenic meals, as well as time to eat and enjoy. Because that’s exactly what you are allowed to do: enjoy food. You don’t have to go hungry.

Get rid of carbohydrates and starches from your household!

Sure, vegetables also have carbohydrates. 5g KH per 100g is okay. Everything above 10g KH per 100g should be banned first. Pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar, sweeteners, sweets, bread, legumes, all types of flour anyway. If all of this is no longer within reach, you won’t even be tempted. 

Do I have to count calories? What does the macro distribution look like?

You don’t necessarily have to count calories, but the macro distribution should be correct. Reduce carbohydrates to a maximum of 30g per day, protein to around 1g per kg of average weight (this is not the current weight!). I’m 1.73 m tall, so the average weight is between 57kg and 72kg. You calculate with the standard upper weight, which is 72kg for me. Now you have carbohydrates and protein. The fat is missing. That should be at least 150g per day, preferably more initially, just enough until you are full to start keto diet. 

Don’t be alarmed because the calorie counts are supposedly way too high. That’s All Right. The point here is to eat enough so that the body no longer has to bunker :).

If you’re the kind of guy like me who needs complete control over everything at first, I recommend keeping a food diary and thus counting the daily calories. In this way, you learn very quickly what you are eating and what is better to leave out to start keto diet. I recommend here as it has the best nutritional values ​​for food, in my view. In the beginning, I also used myfitnesspal because it was easier to track sports activities there.

Please make sure that you don’t eat too little. If you’re already counting calories, please roughly what the calculator calculates above, a little more. Especially at the beginning, the body needs so much more energy to adapt!

But how do you start? What should I eat?

Focus on healthy, natural, and natural foods. Take some time for your first ketogenic purchase and compare the ingredient lists to start keto diet. Look for hidden sugars, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, etc.

Choose free-range eggs, grazing butter, organic meat, and locally sourced fresh vegetables. Fat cheese, full-fat cream, mascarpone. 

Don’t buy too much at first. Try a few recipes and find something that you can do in a hurry when the initial “ravenous hunger” overcomes you.

Find food that will fill you up and that you like!

Protein is filling, so every meal should contain some protein. Vegetables should also be included with every meal if possible. I was hoping you could look at my grocery supply, which I always have in the house. Maybe that suits you.

In any case, there is no point in buying foods that are low in carbohydrates but which you do not like and which you can therefore not enjoy to start keto diet. That is NOT the whole point! So you only promote the feeling of having to eat disgusting things with this “diet” and without the delicious stuff.

Maybe it calms you down: It took me about two months to get halfway into a routine in my diet. So what you have in front of you is nothing overnight. Is that okay for you? This is about a long-term change in diet, not a short-term diet. Much will change in your life, sometimes even entirely subconsciously.

Make yourself a meal plan!

Thinking ahead of time about what to eat throughout the week helps a lot. You buy it, then you have everything you need there, and you won’t be tempted just because you can’t think of anything. Maybe you can also pre-cook and then have something for lunch while you work. How I approach weekly planning, I have described in another post.

The evening before, think about what you would like to eat the next day, calculate the macro distribution and see in advance whether it fits. You can find nutritional values ​​at I can recommend the “FDDB” as an app for writing down what you eat every day.

Don’t worry if you always eat the same thing in the beginning. That will change as soon as you become more secure and start trying more delicious ketogenic stuff on your own.

Eat when you are hungry, and don’t eat when you are not hungry!

You can also eat something after 6 p.m. You will not slow down your metabolism with it. Learn to listen to your body again. He doesn’t need sweets and snacks. It’s just a habit.

Slowly increase the amount of fat!

For example, I drink a pot of Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) every morning, one jar of coffee with 35g of coconut oil. If you are not used to this, you will probably not taste it (the taste will change), and secondly, you will just run to the toilet afterward. The digestive tract cannot cope with all the fat immediately.

Write a food diary!

Many also say “track,” which means something like “write down the daily meal in an app.” But it can also be on a piece of paper. As I said, I recommend “FDDB” as an app.

That helps a lot. You get an overview of what you are eating, what the actual macro distribution (KH, protein, and fat) looks like, and where you may need to improve until you feel it and do everything right automatically.

Don’t give up if you have had a stupid day!

As already written above: It took me two months to get to some routine in my ketogenic diet. And I certainly make mistakes now and then. The only thing that helps then: recognize mistakes, see how you could do better, and then do better.

Drink a lot and eat enough!

2-3 liters of water a day can be easy, but more. Too little water can prevent your weight loss. You have to drink water to lose water.

Especially in the beginning, the body reacts with withdrawal symptoms, accompanied by flu symptoms (“keto flu”). You feel weak, tired, maybe have a headache.

To alleviate the symptoms, add enough salt to your meals and drink a glass of water with a bit of salt. It is better to overeat than too little in this phase and go for something sugary under no circumstances. That is counterproductive.

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