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How to start running?

Running is one of the easiest and most effective exercises in the world. We don’t have to learn any special skills, we need a pair of shoes, and theoretically, we could go – off we go! But how do I start jogging when after a few hundred meters, the pulse is already 180? …

Every beginning is difficult, as the saying goes. It is the same with running. 

The first runs are arduous. After less than a kilometre, you are out of breath. Your lungs ache, your legs hurt … You don’t feel like it anymore, the music in your ears is just annoying, it’s warm and sweaty and wheezy! You ask yourself: why at all? For the 200-300 calories? For the one chocolate bar? Is it worth it?

Ask? Can running be fun too?

1. Start small! 

This is the most effective tip that I can give you and that I never considered before! I always wanted to run at least 5 kilometres in a row and complete it in 30 minutes! Why the number of kilometres in time? I don’t know! I probably heard somewhere that 6 minutes per kilometre was a good average. But a pace of 6’00” was just way too fast to start with! So what happened? I held out for a kilometre and then had to take a break, take a breath, and rest. Of course, I stopped the clock immediately. So I not only shit myself but also completed a super ineffective training session. 

Run slowly! Walk-in such a way that you can still talk. You think to yourself now: Wow, ok, then I’ll almost run backwards! All the same! It will seem slow to you, but you will find that you have made so much progress. 

2. First, set yourself a time target rather than a kilometre.

So you won’t be tempted to compare yourself. The first few runs will be challenging for you, but you will find that you can extend your lap in the same amount of time after a while, so you got faster.

3. Have a good rest!

Recovery is now super important for your muscles! Give them at least a day off to get used to the new stress and grow with it.

4. Take breaks while running

Suppose you have to take a break – no problem! But try not to stop, but to slow down and, if possible, to jog further. This allows your pulse to recover, but the strain continues. 

5. Celebrate small successes!

Did you run 5 minutes longer today than last time? Excellent!

You ran up and down the street 4 times today instead of just once, as usual? Perfect!

Under no circumstances let yourself be persuaded that you can only be proud of a 10-kilometre run! Even the little progress is a reason to be happy!

Even the little progress is a reason to be happy! Be proud of yourself!

Yes, it will take a bit of time and training before you can run your first kilometre at a constant pace. And yes, it will take even longer before you can get faster and master longer distances without any problems. But I promise you this moment will come with continuous training at some point!

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