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How to update Instagram?

Instagram is an application that is regularly updated and repaired. The developers are working hard to monetize the app through the ads. If you’re new to the app you may not know how to update Instagram we’ll see how to do it here.

Instagram has received hundreds of updates since it was first published in 2011. Some completely changed the game, others were just minor changes.

Either way, updates are made regularly, and you don’t want to miss out on some of the app’s best features.

How to update your Instagram app

Whatever the case, if you don’t want to use an outdated Instagram that will eventually stop working if you don’t update it, you need to enable automatic updates on your mobile device.

To enable automatic updates for iPhone (iOS):

  1. First, go to Settings on your mobile device.
  2. Scroll down to the “iTunes and App Store” section.
  3. There will be an automatic downloads section. Tap to toggle the Updates option and complete the process.
  4. Voila! Automatic updates are now available for your device.

To enable automatic updates for Android:

  1. First, open the Google Play Store app to continue.
  2. Touch the icon with three horizontal lines to open the drop-down menu.
  3. From there, press on the “Settings” section to continue.
  4. In the following menu, tap on the “Automatic application update” section.
  5. Then you have two options to enable automatic app updates.
  • If you select the “Via any network” option, you will receive updates on Wi-Fi and mobile data. We do not recommend doing this when trying to contain the data you are using.
  • However, if you select the Wi-Fi only option, your applications will not be updated until you are connected to a suitable Wi-Fi network.

However, if you are a person who wants to update your data one at a time, you should turn off automatic updates using the steps above.

Sometimes this works better because you don’t have to update apps that you don’t occasionally use.

Hence, updating apps that you don’t use often enough seems to be wasting your internal storage, battery, and cellular data.

Why should you update your Instagram app?

Want to know why you should always confirm that your Instagram has been updated? Well, there are many reasons for the security and privacy of your data. One reason is more noticeable, however.

The Instagram app is constantly changing so you don’t want to be left behind. An older version of the application can restrict the use of certain functions. It could even cause the app to run slower than usual.

For example, if there’s an exciting new feature showing up on Instagram, it won’t be accessible until you’ve downloaded the latest update.

For a smooth performance

More importantly, many Instagram updates contain bug fixes. It doesn’t seem like an exciting update, but bug fixes ensure Instagram continues to function properly.

While Instagram updates can range from exciting new features to everyday bug fixes, it is always recommended that you make sure you have the most current version.

Once you’ve updated your Instagram, you can never go back to the previous version.

Whether you have a business account or just use the app for personal use, you will never want to miss out on Instagram’s common new features.

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