Remarks by President Biden Before Air Force One Departure | Joint Base Andrews, MD

Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland

11:47 A.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT:  I’ll speak about one thing: Mrs. Casey.  Nothing else.
Q    Okay.
THE PRESIDENT:  Do you have a question about Casey?
Q    Yes.  What was her role in — in your life?
THE PRESIDENT:  She played an enormous role, not just in my life but everyone’s. 
You know, there’s a quote my sister always uses about Michelangelo.  It says: He saw the angel in the marble, and he carved and he set it free.  That’s who she was.  She was an incredible woman — decent, honorable.  Her values were amazing. 
And every time I would go to Scranton over the years, I would stop and see her.  She was a friend.
Anyway, I’m going up or I’m going to be late for Bobby.
Q    Will you come talk to us about Hawaii?
Q    On the Camp David summit, are you willing to share what your goals are for the summit, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  Not until I meet with them.
Q    Okay.  Thank you.
11:48 A.M. EDT

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