Santa, FAA Showcase Ways to Stay Off the Naughty List This Holiday Season

Santa, FAA Showcase Ways to Stay Off the Naughty List This Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

WASHINGTON – As Santa Claus gears up for his journey around the globe, he’s teaming up with the FAA by giving some tips on how you can stay away from his Naughty List and expect some presents under the tree. 
While Santa prepares his sleigh for the busiest night of the year, aircraft operators and air traffic controllers are working to get you and your friends and family to your destination as safely and smoothly as possible.  

“During this holiday season, keep the skies safe for me by doing your part to follow FAA guidelines in the airport and air,” said Santa. 

To stay off Santa’s Naughty List, follow FAA guidelines on choosing child safety seats, adhering to crew instructions, booking legal air charters, registering your drone, and packing lithium batteries.  

But most importantly, NEVER be unruly! It is much easier to pack your patience and be considerate of others than to end up on the FAA’s Naughty List, which could include jail time or a fine.   

“I know how stressful it can be to travel during the holidays,” said Santa. “However, a smile, some kindness and looking out for others can help keep you off the Naughty List.” 

With his extensive flight background (Santa is going for his 1,753rd straight best pilot award), he knows what keeps pilots and the travelling community safe. Behaving badly at airports and on planes, shining lasers at aircraft, vaping in planes and ignoring safety messages will not only land you on the FAA’s Naughty List but could book you a one-way ticket to jail and a trip to the bank to pay a hefty fine. 

You can learn more ways the FAA keeps the skies (and Santa) safe this holiday season at  

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