BLDUP Relaunches Website Platform With a New Design

BLDUP, the data-driven platform that connects professionals to project opportunities within the real estate development, design, and construction sectors, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly redesigned homepage,

BLDUP's improved user experience will allow subscribers to quickly access the tens of thousands of projects in the BLDUP proprietary dataset while showcasing top news and insights. The redesign bolsters BLDUP's value proposition with a proprietary data set and networked platform that is powered by advanced technologies.

"BLDUP is helping to fill in the gaps of what is offered in the proptech data ecosystem. We have spent the better part of the past 6 years building a product led by our customers' feedback. This practice of product development has put us in a great position that only a nimble startup could achieve, and we are now ready to scale the platform nationally," said Noah Coughlin, Founder & CEO of BLDUP. 

The BLDUP team invites visitors to explore the platform and discover how BLDUP's data can inform decisions, connecting users with industry leaders at the right time to win work and build relationships.

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Original Source: BLDUP Relaunches Website Platform With a New Design
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