Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA) Sends Washington ‘Commanders’ Demand Letter to Reclaim the Redskins Name

Online CHANGE.ORG/ReclaimTheRedskins Petition Goes Viral With Bipartisan Support

Today, the Native American Guardian's Association (NAGA) President, Eunice Davidson, issued a demand letter (available on to the Washington "Commanders" owners and key leadership as part of NAGA's "Educate Not Eradicate" National Advocacy Campaign against cancel culture. The letter cites the "Commanders" willful denial of U.S. history and the Native American components of the founding of America and U.S. Constitution. NAGA has also co-sponsored an online petition that can be found at CHANGE.ORG/ReclaimTheRedskins, which went viral with support from Americans across the nation.

"The organic growth of this petition proves our position is the right one," said Healy Baumgardner, Senior Advisor to NAGA and President of Global Impact Campaigns. "We intentionally did not insert politics into this online petition, and the demographics prove that cancel culture is not accepted by most Americans. For the Commanders' owners and leadership to make such a short-sighted decision to cancel the Redskins based on their self-created DEI and ESG feelings without listening to their consumers is not only offensive, it's pure insanity. How did that work out for Bud Light? Not so well," Baumgardner added.

The letter states (excerpts): "The Native American Guardian's Association (NAGA) has developed a 'Promise to ALL AMERICANS' as a statement of principle and policy. All Americans ... should be eager to stand up for the dignity of EVERY AMERICAN that is under assault in today's increasingly nonsensical culture wars. This is a 'LINE IN THE SAND' pledge that reinforces undeniable history of the NATIVE AMERICAN assisting the founding of the United States with Native American principles used by the Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution — and, EVERY AMERICAN's right to the 1st and 14th, and every Amendment to the Constitution and not be targets of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) cancel culture environment.

"Americans see they are losing their rights because of a vicious cancel culture that shows little care for their concerns or civil liberties; It is time to support leaders, brands and organizations who will stand with EVERY AMERICAN, rather than fighting against them."

NAGA further cites its fact-based wins supporting cases in the state and federal courts: "In 2015, our organization filed an amicus brief on behalf of The Redskins in support of their successful First Amendment case, which overruled a finding by the U.S. Patent Office that the name could not be registered as a trademark because it was derogatory. Our fact-based arguments have won in both state and federal courts that NBC Sports even headlined 'Redskins win trademark fight over name as Justice Department gives up' (by Charean Williams, published June 29, 2017). In fact, we strongly disputed that conclusion and, indeed, a subsequent poll by The Washington Post released in July 2016 indicated that 90% of American Indians agreed with us. You simply cannot erase history and target the Native American community by eradicating the name 'Redskins' while being an organization that fosters other Constitutional rights, including players who don't honor the American Flag and kneel during our National Anthem."

"In 2023 America, this oppression, and arbitrary and capricious recognition of U.S. history and Constitutional rights is not acceptable. We are standing our ground. If you don't acknowledge history, we are doomed to repeat it. The coin has been tossed; we choose to honor and defend," stated Eunice Davidson, NAGA President.

NAGA encourages all Americans to visit and join our movement. 

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Healy Baumgardner
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Eric Spracklen
Senior Advisor
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