President Biden is Optimistic of the Future Young Americans Will Make

Young Americans, because of you, I’ve never been more optimistic about the future of America. You’ve been speaking up, and I’ve been listening.

You demanded our nation finally do something on gun violence – protesting, organizing, voting, running for office, and marching for your lives – and we acted, announcing more gun safety executive actions than any of my predecessors, signing a historic gun safety law, and creating the first White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

You recognized that the climate crisis is an existential threat and deserve our support. That’s why we launched the American Climate Corps to put more than 20,000 young people on career pathways in the growing fields of clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience.

You asked for the ability to pursue higher education without the decades-long burden of debt. I was proud to announce we approved the cancellation of an additional $9 billion in student loans for 125,000 Americans, bringing the total debt cancellation my Administration has approved through a variety of actions to $127 billion for 3.6 million people.

Your generation will not be ignored. Just look at what happens when you speak out.

White House Source

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