Veterans Fundraiser, 99th County, 4th Place in Mock Caucus Highlight Week

Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley Supporting Veterans, Gaining Young Republicans’ Votes, Completing Full Grassley Tour, Receiving Upcoming M&A Advisor Leadership Award

Ryan Binkley Supports Veterans

Binkley's company Generational Group sponsors fundraiser benefitting those who served.

Presidential candidate Ryan Binkley honored our nation’s veterans by raising funds and thanking those who served in speeches this week, culminating in an address yesterday at the Young Republicans National Federation Fall Conference, where he beat out Doug Burgum, Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott to take fourth place in the mock caucus at the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel.

“We will take 4th for now. Let's keep going!” the candidate told his campaign workers after the vote. The Young Republicans chose Nikki Haley first, Donald Trump second, Ron DeSantis third and Ryan Binkley fourth.

Binkley’s speech at the conference follows the celebration of his goal (started in June and completed Nov. 10) to visit all 99 counties in Iowa, known as the Full Grassley Tour in honor of Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s long-standing tradition.

“We’re going to keep pushing ahead, showing the world that first in the nation matters, here in Iowa and in New Hampshire,” Binkley said.

Binkley left the campaign trail Nov. 8 to participate in the 8th annual Generational Salute – A Tribute to Our Troops golf tournament in Dallas sponsored by Binkley’s company. It began as a small event in 2015 and has grown into a fundraiser that provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in support to servicemen and women.

“This is a wonderful moment we have now to honor veterans of the United States of America for their love, their sacrifice and their service,” said Binkley, co-founder and CEO of the mergers and acquisition firm Generational Group. “We are here to return in some small way our gratitude and to show love and respect for those who have fought so hard so we can have freedoms today. We salute you.”

Next week Binkley is traveling to New York City to receive the 2023 M&A Advisor Leadership Award and get inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame during the 2023 Future of Dealmaking Summit.

“We are thrilled to recognize Ryan Binkley with the 2023 M&A Advisor Leadership Award,” stated Roger Aguinaldo, founder and CEO of The M&A Advisor. “Ryan’s success and leadership across a variety of business and community endeavors is exemplary of what the Leadership Award represents. The Award honors Ryan’s career to date and recognizes his significant contributions to his profession, his firm, its employees and clients, and the mergers and acquisitions industry.”

As an expert in finance running for president, Binkley is bringing a new economic approach to the budget and health care through his plans to bring the parties together to reform the economy and lower medical costs.

Members of the media can download assets at the campaign’s online press kit and schedule interviews by contacting the campaign press office at [email protected] or 214-494-1792.

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