Leading Massage Destination Squeeze Expands Footprint in Sarasota, Florida

Squeeze, the fast-growing massage service destination, is expanding its personalized massage footprint with the opening of its newest shop in Sarasota, Florida, this June. Conceptualized by Drybar founders, Alli Webb, Michael Landau, and previous VP of marketing Brittany Driscoll, Squeeze was created to disrupt an outdated industry by providing consumers with an accessible, stress-free, and personalized massage experience. Through the Squeeze app and website, guests can book, set personalized preferences, pay, tip, rate, and review, allowing them to walk in and figuratively “float out.” 

Squeeze is expanding its massage therapy experience with the opening of its first Florida shop, located in the Fruitville Commons, Sarasota, Florida. The 2,446-square-foot shop in Sarasota boasts a modern yet sophisticated design, which features eight treatment rooms. The ambiance at Squeeze is carefully crafted to foster a relaxing setting, promoting comfort, and enhancing the overall well-being of its guests. 

With their personalized app-based approach, each massage is tailored to the customer’s liking, including pressure, music, lighting, and the ability to tap a “ready button,” letting the therapist know to return in-room to begin the massage. Guests are also able to set preferences around what body areas to focus on, pressure, oil or lotion, and more. Personalized preferences are saved to guests’ profiles and reviewed by massage therapists prior to appointments, so Squeeze knows exactly what they want each and every time. Squeeze also offers complimentary enhancements that are tailored to meet each guest’s specific needs, including deep tissue, heat therapy, percussion therapy, and aromatherapy. Under the expert guidance of the massage therapists, Squeeze eliminates the uncertainty surrounding massages. 

Squeeze offers a variety of pricing and monthly membership programs with perks including: 

  • Founding Membership: Available for a limited time only. Up to 40% off massages for the lifetime of the membership.  
    • Main Membership: $105 - One 80-minute massage per month  
    • Mid Membership: $75 - One 50-minute massage per month  
  • Squeeze Membership (Post Open) 
    • Main Squeeze:  $125 - One 80-minute massage per month  
    • Mid Squeeze:  $95 - One 50-minute massage per month  
  • Pay-Per-Squeeze (Post Open) 
    • Main Squeeze:  $159 - One 80-minute massage  
    • Mid Squeeze:  $129 - One 50-minute massage  

The Sarasota store opening marks a substantial milestone for Squeeze in expanding its national footprint, as the brand continues its aggressive franchising efforts with over 90 new shop openings in development.  

For more information, please visit Squeeze's website and follow Squeeze on Instagram @squeeze.   

Opening Date: June 2024 
Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. 

Squeeze - Sarasota 
3070 Fruitville Commons Blvd. Suite 100 
Sarasota, FL 34240 


Squeeze was born out of a love for massages, aiming to bridge the gap between luxurious spas and budget-friendly massage chains. From booking your massage to paying for your session, Squeeze was created to revolutionize and simplify the massage experience. Squeeze is changing how we think about massages, redefining the spa experience for the modern consumer. 

Contact Information:
Buse Kayar
[email protected]
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