The Travel Goods Show 2024: Uniting Industry Leaders, Creators, Innovators

The excitement is building as the Travel Goods Show 2024 gears up for its much-anticipated return March 13th-15th in Las Vegas, NV. As the premier event in the travel goods industry, the Show is a platform for innovation, collaboration, and inspiration taking place at the Expo at World Market Place. 

Featuring industry giants Eagle Creek, Briggs & Riley, and Osprey, the Show will unveil the latest travel goods innovations and foster connections between manufacturers, retailers, and content creators. Attendees will explore products and forge partnerships that will supercharge their business.

This year the Show introduces groundbreaking summits: the Content Creators Summit and the Buyers and Brands Summit. These summits represent a paradigm shift in content creation and brand collaboration, offering dynamic discussions and networking opportunities.

"The collaborative events that will take place represent a seismic shift from our traditional trade show," said Josh Cross, Board Chair of the Travel Goods Association. "With the rise of eCommerce and social media impacting consumer buying trends, we’ve recognized the need for a shift at this year’s Show and are introducing the Content Creator Summit, where some of the industry's brightest minds, biggest travel brands, and the world’s most influential creators converge in a three-day collaborative event. We’re not just hosting summits at the Travel Goods Show; we’re sculpting the future of our industry."

Renowned keynote speakers Samantha Brown and Chris Burkard will grace the event, sharing insights and experiences that will ignite inspiration and drive innovation. Workshops led by industry experts will provide attendees with strategies to help monetize emerging trends and technologies.

Panel discussions featuring prominent content creators such as the Jurgys, Christian LeBlanc (Lost Creator Academy), and Counting Countries will explore the dynamic intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and travel.

Join industry-leading manufacturers, retailers, and content creators from across the globe as they converge on Las Vegas for an unforgettable showcase of innovation and collaboration. For more information and to register for the Travel Goods Show, visit

About the Travel Goods Association:

The Travel Goods Association (TGA) leads the global travel goods industry, uniting manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers worldwide. Committed to excellence and innovation, TGA advocates for industry growth and sustainability. Through collaboration and advocacy, TGA shapes standards and empowers members to thrive in a dynamic marketplace. Visit for more information. 

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